What Is Skin Confidence?

Skin Confidence is the driving force behind The Cetaphil Experience, but what exactly does it mean? Our bloggers and Facebook contest winners share what Skin Confidence means to them and how healthy skin helps them be comfortable in their own skin.

Bloggers Meet our First Expert

Through the Cetaphil Experience, our Facebook competition winners and bloggers get to meet some of the best skin experts and dermatologists, who give tips and advice that help these women on their journey to Skin Confidence.

Meet the Cetaphil Experience Bloggers!

Being in the public eye and having thousands of followers on social media require loads of confidence and self-esteem, as these bloggers can attest to! Cetaphil understands this, and invited 10 bloggers to join the Cetaphil Experience.

The Winners Get Personal

Get to know the winners of the Cetaphil Experience contest as they share their doubts, hopes, fears and what the Experience means to each of them.