Cetaphil Skin Confidence

Did You Know
Nearly 60%

consider skin as the top factor that determines their level of confidence.


attribute being “true to themselves” as the main motivation to keep their skin bare (free of makeup).


associate self-confidence with having good, healthy skin.


consider skin as the feature they admire most in other women.


consider their skin condition an important factor in helping them look and feel beautiful.

Almost 100%

would like to improve their current skin condition.

*Results of the Cetaphil Malaysia Skin Confidence Survey with a total of 2890 respondents from Cetaphil Malaysia’s Facebook fan base and mailing list.

The Healthy Skin Factor

Skin condition affects us in many different ways, and influences our behaviour in various aspects of everyday life. Skin condition can determine how we perform in important situations, and affect how we perceive ourselves.

Healthy, good skin is key in helping us realise our fullest potential through skin confidence.

Cetaphil understands this and provides gentle yet effective skin care for healthy, radiant skin that gives users skin confidence.